The Pricepoint systems basically offer real-time monitoring of collateral value that can be delivered in two ways. One mode of delivery is by regular or on-demand batch re-pricing, either uploaded into the lender’s own databases for back-office processing or made accessible off-site on a secure cloud server. Optionally a range of user-defined portfolio statistics can be made available on the cloud server, e.g. LGD Expected Value and Value at Risk, Expected Shortfall (CVaR, ETL) or the probability distribution of LTV over a given horizon for use in internal and regulatory reporting. The other delivery mode is by interactive look-up of to the price dynamics of individual assets or portfolio segments against the backdrop of a user-defined set of real market transactions. This type of access is useful for back-office risk control drill-down, but it can also be integrated into front-office underwriting procedures in various ways. Pricepoint is delivered with a full set of IRB compliant regulatory documentation, including backtesting and validation reports, continually updated and maintained by Invector. The Pricepoint approach can in principle be applied to any assets of financial relevance that trade in a market generating arms-length informed transactions. Invectors current products are geared towards the mortgage industry and the automotive finance sector.