Invector is a provider of asset valuation data to the financial services industry. Our objective is to achieve accuracy in the pricing of disparate assets in markets with low trading frequency and to make the results useful in financial risk management. To this end we use mathematical techniques that are tried and tested in a host of engineering applications, but have not been systematically applied to asset valuation problems before. Invector's pricing services provide vital support the credit industry in its reliance on the valuation of loan collateral for commercial performance and regu­latory compliance. The company's first two products, Pricepoint RRE and Pricepoint Cars, are geared towards mortgages and automotive loans. Making available optimal price updates at arbitrarily frequent intervals together with the full portfolio variance-covariance matrix, the Pricepoint systems establish a robust emprical foundation for sophisticated risk-management and pricing in asset-backed lending. 

Securities market methods made available for credit collateral