• Sigurdur Ingolfsson

    Sigurdur Ingolfsson

    Sigurdur Ingolfsson has been active in financial risk management for 17 years, first as a researcher at Iceland's University Institute of Economic Studies and later as senior risk manager at triple A rated Nordic Investment Bank in Helsinki, Finland. In 2003 Mr. Ingolfsson left the bank to found Riskmanagement Ltd., an independent consultancy with a focus on risk modeling and regulatory compliance services. From February 2009 until the launch of Invector in early 2012, Riskmanagement served as special advisor to the Financial Supervisory Authority and the Ministry of Finance in their endeavour to entirely restructure Icelandic banking after the systemic crash of 2008. Mr. Ingolfsson studied Philosophy and Mathematics in Iceland and Russian Literature at Moscow State University and holds postgraduate degrees in Modern Literature from the University of Paris and in Economics from the University of Iceland.

  • Árni G. Hauksson

    Árni G. Hauksson

    Árni G. Hauksson has been involved in the financial markets since 1997. After finishing his graduate work, Árni first joined Banque Paribas in New York as a interest rate derivatives trader. He then spent three years as a consultant for McKinsey and Co. in New York working on various finance related projects. From there, he joined Amaranth Advisors to lead their credit derivative quant and risk management teams. In 2006 he joined Goldman Sachs NY to start up an internal hedgefund, before relocating to the broker-dealer side and head the Pan-Asian Credit Strategies team out of Tokyo. Since 2013, Árni has been focusing on various startup projects. Árni earned his undergraduate degree in Engineering from the University of Iceland, and a Sc.M. and Ph.D. in Operations Research from the Massachusetts Insitute of Technology.

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